Student discounts

Student discounts

terms and conditions

We are very happy to offer student discounts to fashion, costume and contour students because we are committed to helping students learn.

For the 17/18 academic year, students will have a 10% discount off all orders over £5.00 (excluding postage) and free tracking on all orders over £20.00 (excluding postage)

Students will still have to pay the default postage price, but we will pay the extra for recorded delivery.

ie: If the postage shows as £3.50, it will actually cost £4.45 to send by recorded mail.  That surplus will be covered by us.

If you are a UK student at a college or university who is not currently enjoying our student discount, please ask your tutor to send an email with the details of your course.  The tutor will have to be using your academic institutions email server (ends with

Student discounts are not redeemable with any other offers* and all goods are sent under our main terms and conditions.  Minimum order £5.00.

*currently postage is free for orders over £100 for all customers.  Student discount does not apply to orders over £100.00 where free postage is applied.  Either we will send an invoice for the difference or we will reduce the value of goods sent.