Sew Curvy is For Sale!

Passionate about Corsetry & Want to Be Your Own Boss? 

A rare opportunity to buy an established and well known online shop in a niche with only one competitor!

In 2009, frustrated at the lack of information on corset making, and even more frustrated with the available supplies, I decided that I could provide a better service than what was available, sourced my first products and started selling corset making kits under the imaginative name of "Corset Kits".   I wanted to be a full time corsetiere but I also wanted to help others find their passion.  My biggest goal back then was that maybe I would earn enough to make corsets and pay for a holiday.  Inspired by a popular bag making shop, I created a website with detailed product descriptions, informative blog posts, photo tutorials and a wider ‘directory’ of online sources from all over the web. 

I started from my spare room with a small tax rebate.  By 2011 I had left my job and gone full time, and by 2012 the business had moved into a premises which saw the beginning of a period of massive inventry expansion.  The business enjoyed year on year growth until this last year when other business interests have taken me away from the shop more and more.

As it stands now, the business is a viable and popular brand with a loyal customer base, is well known among professional and hobby makers, and is also on the secret in house ‘list’ of prefered suppliers in the production departments of film, tv, and theatre costume. 

  • Classy bird kit
  • Sew Curvy HQ corsetry and corset making supplies
  • English coutil fabric for Corsetry
  • Parcels
  • steel boning for corsetry
  • corset making supplies ready to post

    My passion for corsetry has not gone away.  I’m staying in the business, but i’m going to focus more on teaching and clients.  As such I will be pushing all potential customers toward Sew Curvy as the best supplier with the most quality components - in other words, I’m almost included in the sale as your free marketing person!

    E-commerce is hard work, but rewarding.  I am currently working on the shop 2 days a week and earning a good part time salary.  But my focus has changed since Covid (which was extraordinarily busy and profitable) and I’m now offering the retail corsetry components business for sale.

    Interested? If you're serious about buying a fab online biz, then please feel free to get in touch Using the form below!

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    • corset kit
    • All sorts of corset boning types
    • cut one side of spiral steel boning
    • advanced corset class 17 2
    • Victoria Valentine corsetry kit
    • Coloured busks
    • Sew Curvy and Clessidra Couture
    • Mr Pearl watches Immodesty Blaize perform at OCOC15
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    • Sew Curvy HQ corsetry and corset making supplies
    • All my students
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      About Me

      When I started the business, information on corsetry was up to that point, almost impossible to get hold of. 

      My free tutorials and informative blog posts were soon spotted by a publisher who asked me to write an e-book.  This I did and in so doing, became an established ‘expert’ in the field of corsetry. 

      I started teaching, founded The Oxford School of Corsetry and for the next 8 years, alongside running the shop, taught people from all corners of the globe, a full curriculum of corset making skills - there was, and still isn’t, another place dedicated soley to the art of learning corsetry I had a separate studio for teaching, and a long waiting list.

      Between 2013-2019 I ran an annual event The Oxford Conference of Corsetry - this soon became as prestigious an event as the venue itself, Jesus College in Oxford.  The worlds top corsetieres flew in to help me spread the corset love, to share, inspire, teach and talk about everything corsets.  Mr Pearl came in 2016 and British Burlesque Queen, Immodesty Blaize, performed for us.  All through this period I continued to run the shop, teach corsetry through the School and take clients.

      It’s been a very busy decade for sure, and one that has culminated in me being able to attract the blue chip clients who require a level of attention and care that I currently find difficult to give with the commitment the shop demands.  And I miss teaching.

      In 2018 I stopped teaching in order to focus more on clients and the shop but then covid happened - no clients and the shop went bonkers!  While everyone was at home in the lockdown, going nuts making all the things they never had time for,  I was busy fulfilling those orders and did nothing creative for more than 2 years.  I've missed that, and i've missed my students.

      I have absolutely loved building up the Sew Curvy Retail shop, I’ve loved making the amazing free resource that is the website, and i’ve loved serving and helping all sorts of retail customers from beginner hobbyists, to coutre dressmakers to fellow professionals, some of whom have become good friends, and film and tv costume makers.  Our supplies have been in more blockbusting films than I can count on two hands, most of the period dramas that you see on TV and I even supplied the Great British Sewing Bee for a number of years.  

      But now something has to give.  I started this journey for creative reasons and that is where I need to be heading back to.

      Interested? If you're serious about buying a fab online biz, then please feel free to get in touch using the form below!

      Why I'm Selling Sew Curvy

      First of all, i'm not leaving the corsetry biz.  After running Sew Curvy for 13 years, I want to focus on other areas of the craft. 

      I started off wanting to be a full time corsetiere but I never have been!  I want to teach fashion and costume students and I want to help professionals improve their skills.  Most of all, I want to write a legacy collection of print books.  My husband retires in 3 years time, and at that point, I want to be geographically free, and perhaps even in a position to leave corsetry behind and start a fourth career!  I have dreams of running a vegan cafe!

      Sew Curvy is a great brand, there is only one UK competitor, and with the right energy behind this business, it will provide someone with a lovely income and bags of fulfillment.  I currently employ one person part time, but that is because of all the other things I do (At it’s height, Sew Curvy was employing 2 part time people).  The right person with the right energy could easily run the shop solo and take all of the money!  Or  you could partner with another creative and literally take over the corsetry world!! I have all the resources you need included in the sale.

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        What's Involved?

        At it's most basic, running an online shop involves:

        • Buying and selling quality supplies
        • Sourcing new stock
        • Packing and selling corset making kits and other orders which ship to the whole world.
        • Being conversant with shipping options (The business qualifies for the full Tracked 24 and 48 Royal Mail service which is cost effective and means a Postal worker collects mail from your premises every day)
        • Designing new tutorials, blog posts, newsletters
        • Marketing through newsletters, magazine advertising, web advertising, networking and social media

        Interested? If you're serious about buying a fab online biz, then please feel free to get in touch Using the form below!

        What's the Potential?

        I never set out to be a shop keeper and that has held the business back in many ways - not for me, but as a shop in its own right.  

        Sew Curvy has massive potential for someone who's primary driving force must be to run a shop.  There is plenty of scope for creativity - your success will depend on being able to come up with new ideas, work out tutorials, be creative with social media, introduce new products - the possiblities are literally endless.  

        What Sew Curvy needs is someone who is passionate about corsetry/costume/sewing and can dedicate the time to build the business to greater heights!  That person will need energy, drive and bags of creativity.  There are so many places the business can go - i've listed just some of my ideas below, but you will have many many more.  

        And you'll have me to help you along.  I'll be doing my own thing but i'll be driving customers to Sew Curvy when I'm recommending my students and audience the best place to shop for their supplies.

        What's Included in this Sale?

        • Sew Curvy Retail Name, Logo and Branding assets
        • Fully functioning e-commerce website as it appears now and hosted by Create
        • All website content including blog posts, articles, product descroptions and photos.
        • Business goodwill - reputation and contacts built up over 12 years
        • Full logo and artwork with photoshop and illustrator files to use on all media.
        • Artwork for all business stationery - photoshop and pdf files
        • Personal support after sale for up to 3 months
        • Up to three corset making lessons relevant to products in the shop (Sew Curvy Patterns) - if required.
        • Web Domains / / .uk
        • All Product photos taken in-house (most wholesalers have online directories now)
        • Facebook page with over 12k followers
        • Comprehensive list of Suppliers - I have sourced several most cost effective haberdasheries, mills  and factories in UK and EU
        • Mailing list with 4000 subscribers
        • Ongoing promotion by me via my other corsetry businesses - namely Oxford School of Corsetry and any future print publications
        • PDF files for the three Sew Curvy Patterns which are used in our best selling corset making kits
        • Cannon Printer and old iMac computer so that business can continue uninterupted 
        • All stationery printed already
        • Any packaging materials left in stock at point of sale

        How to Grow This Business

        Sew Curvy Retail has the capacity to be a great full time income for someone.  I am just at the point where I want to focus on other aspects of my businesses and think that the Sew Curvy Brand is too good to wind down into nothing.  All the infrastructure is in place to act as a springboard for building an even bigger business.  There are many things I don’t do which could be done quite easily and will boost sales and visibility

        •  attendance at craft fairs/events (Whitby Goth Fest, and numerous costuming markets)
        •  monthly subscription box
        •  personal shopping days where people can shop in person 
        •  talks and demonstrations at events/institutions (WI / colleges / schools)
        •  expand the offering to include more costume components
        •  educational talks to local groups
        •  re-introduce lingerie supplies (I have the info on suppliers)
        •  introduce more costume supplies
        •  introduce millinery supplies
        •  introduce dress making fabrics and notions
        •  expand the haberdashery section … 


        …. and much much more!

        What You'll Need

        • Bags of Energy
        • Lots of good ideas
        • Good interpersonal skills
        • Computer skills for editing the website
        • Strong Customer Focus
        • Sewing skills
        • Photographic skills & editing skills
        • Organisational and Admin Skills
        • Problem solving skills
        • Marketing ideas
        • Creativity 
        • Curiosity
        • An interest in Corsetry
        • An interest in any or all of  : Fashion, Costume, Millinery, Quilting, Crafting
        • A burning desire to be your own boss




        What about Brexit?

        Well I've done all the hard work for you and i've come out the other end.  

        In reality, imports are very easy - deliveries are arranged by the vendors in Europe, and there's an import fee for heavy goods (steel) - currently £55 to pay along with the VAT which you would have to pay anyway.  Couriers affiliated with Parcel Force do not charge the import fee.  The more you buy in, the more cost effective your imports are.  So far there have been no delays because the goods come under no more than 3 codes which means there isn't all the processing time and delays that you hear about in the news.

        Exports are also easy because the Royal Mail and all courier companies have now got all the systems up and running.  It's a bit more work sending goods outside the UK, but nothing too onerous, just a simple customs form to complete, the information for which is all just a keystroke away.  I will ofcourse include all the customs codes and brexit related info you need with the sale package.

        • sending goods to EU from UK
        • a pallet of corset steel and synthetic whalebone
        • blog palletjpg
        • IMG_7524

        Interested? If you're serious about buying a fab online biz, then please feel free to get in touch Using the form below!

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