Paying for your goods at Sew Curvy

All prices on this website are in GBP Sterling and are inclusive of VAT.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card (via Stripe)
  • Direct Bank Transfer by BACS (UK)
  • Bank Transfer by Transferwise (Overseas)

Paying via PayPal

PayPal is a widely used electronic payment processor that allows customers to send money securely without giving any bank information to the merchant. It is a service which can be used even without having a Paypal Account and is free of charge for the buyer.

Most people pay for their Sew Curvy goodies via Paypal which is a quick and easy method of payment for you and a convenient payment gateway for us.

If you are shopping with a currency other than pounds sterling and paying with Paypal, you can check the currency conversion rate in Paypal during the checkout process as rates are calculated at the time of the transaction. Please click HERE for more details.

To pay via Paypal, simply click the Paypal option at checkout.  You will be able to pay via your Paypal account via the balance in there or with your bank cards.

Paying by Stripe

Stripe is also an electronic payment processor that allows customers to send money securely without giving any bank information to the merchant. However it is a gateway that doesn't behave like a bank account like Paypal can.  It simply processes your card number and passes the proceeds to the merchant.  It's much simpler and can be used without leaving the Sew Curvy Website. Also free of charge to the buyer.

If you want to avoid Paypal and just put your card details in and go, then use Stripe, select the relevant credit card icon at checkout.

Stripe also works really easily on your phone!  You simply put your goods in the cart, select your method of payment, input the numbers on this screen and press 'continue' to purchase!  Simple and secure.  

Paying by bank transfer (BACS)

Some people don't 'do' Paypal or cards, and that isn't a problem, simply choose the "Pay by Bank Transfer" option at checkout - this appears under the Paypal and Bank cards illustration. Once you pick this, you simply proceed through checkout and at the end, you will be given the bank details to pay. These will also be in your confirmation of order email.

Overseas Bank Transfers

This used to be something I could only offer to UK customers as payment must be in GBP sterling.

However overseas customers can now use a fantastic service called Transferwise. This is a banking service which picks the best exchange rate of the moment and pays whichever merchant you tell it to. It also saves their details so there is no faffing about next time you need to order!

To investigate Transferwise options click HERE.