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Ten good reasons to subscribe to Foundations Revealed

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OK, so you've got the basics, you've made a few corsets, now you want to improve a bit more, but where's all the good in depth, more advanced information - where do the professionals hang out? 

Foundations Revealed is a susbscription only online magazine which offers advanced corset making information to those who want to take their corsetry to the next level.  It's not all about corsetry either - as the title suggests - foundations is all about underwear in general, so in addition to lots of information about corsetry, there are also articles about bras petticoats, hoops, bustles and girdles.  Here are 10 reasons why you should join:

  • Detailed tutorials from a host of well known professional corset makers including Jenni Hampshire (Sparklewren), Alexis Black (Electra Designs) and Jemma Hewitt (Kindred Spirits)
  • Case studies and interviews with more well known corsetiers and costumers including  Lace Embrace, Angela Friedman, Totally Waisted, Gleamnight,  DragonTown Corsets and Atelier Sylphe.
  • In depth fitting advice on all aspects of corsetry including lots of articles on fitting the bust and supporting a larger bust.
  • Patterning advice covering techniques such as scaling antique patterns, creating patterns from museum pieces, and corsetting the male form.
  • Bra making tutorials by a professional lingerie designer, including how to make and scale a bra block, how to alter the basic bra block to different styles, how to make bullet bra and other 'retro' style lingerie including, 50's style corselettes, girdles and suspender belts
  • More professional tips and tricks than you can shake a bone at, including  organisational ideas, clever new techqniques and solutions to other common corsetting conundrums.
  • Articles and tutorials on how to make and research period underwear including Edwardian brassieres, Victorian petticoates, drawers, bustles, skirt supports and much much more
  • Inspiring competitions and readers Q&A's
  • Helpful and unique business related articles including advice on when and how to go pro,  pricing, contracting, branding and promotion.  By corset makers for corset makers.
  • Organised field trips to museums to inspect real life antique corsets with other corset and costume makers

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