How to cut your own spiral corset bones

It looks hard to do but it really really isn't!  Here's a tutorial on how to cut your spiral steel the easy way!

Spiral steel boning was invented by the Victorians and is so good and so effective that we are still using it today for our corsets.  It is flexible in all directions which makes it good for curves like boobs, hips and bums. 

The corset steel at Sew Curvy is made by a factory in Europe who were making it back in the day - so they've had lots of practice and that is why the German quality corset boning is second to none. 

Fascinating fact:

Did you know that spiral wire is actually made from two sprung metal springs pressed together! 

roll of spiral steel boning

Because of the way it's made, there is no need to try to cut through a whole width of spiral steel boning - it's just a flat spring (well, two flat springs), and so all you need to do is snip either side and the whole thing will come apart.  The wire cutters I am using in the video below, are available from any hardware store - in the UK this could be Wickes or B&Q .. or you could do what I did and raid your partners tool box!

Tools required to cut corset boning

So these are all the tools you need to cut and tip your own corset boning - a pair of snips, two pairs of jewellery pliers, your boning and your end caps.

cutting spiral steel boning the easy way

Then you simply snip each side of the boning - Do not try to cut the whole width because that will make you wince in pain, and cry alot.

cutting spiral steel boning

Finally, use both pairs of pliers to clamp the boning cap over the end of the boning.  You have to clamp simultaneously.  A bit fiddly but easy when you know how.

Party trick: 

When you've cut a few corset bones this way, the strength in your hand will improve and you will become chief nut cracker at the Festive table!