Pre-cut metal corset boning - Directory of Corset Making Components

A selection of pre-cut flat steel boning and pre-cut spiral steel boning for corsetry and dressmaking.

Made in Europe from top quality German steel.

Various widths and lengths are available with further information on uses and applications in each category.

Please check the Tutorials page for hints and tips on how to use metal corset boning.

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Pre-cut boning is fantastic for beginner corset makers because it saves the hassle of learning how to cut and tip corset bones when learning how to make a corset, it is also brilliant for dressmakers making wedding and prom dress foundations where exact lengths are not necessary, and it is also brilliant for experienced corset makers who are short on time, or for those who are making standard ready to wear corsetry in a limited number of styles.

In short, pre-cut corset boning cuts down time and reduced effort,  making off the rack corset production very swift and cost effective.