Spiral steel boning - Directory of Corset Making Components

Spiral steel corset boning is available by the metre in various widths and thicknesses.  You need to use metal, silicone or plastic end caps with them and these end caps come in various sizes according to the width of the spiral steel you are using.

For more information and links read all about metal boning for corsetry HERE.

Spiral wire for corsetry flexes and bends in every direction so is best used for curvy seams - ie: over the bust and hips or for corset seams which are slightly slanted or curved.  

This type of flexible corset boning is not just used in corsetry, but also in the couture industry for boning dress foundations and bodices properly.

Cutting this type of steel boning is easy peasy - you need a pair of strong wire cutters and you just snip either side of the spring from which it is made.  For full directions, please see our tutorial on how to cut and use spiral steel boning. 7mm spiral steel wire is the most popular size and comes in standard or heavy guage.  Standard guage is absolutely perfect for most corsetry applications - the heavy steel can be overly stiff.