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Post Brexit Notice

Unfortunately the more fancy coutils are currently in short supply
untill we get Brexit more under control.  We have been concentrating on the boning supplier thus far.

A range of fine coutil fabrics for corset making.  Corsetry coutil is the best type of fabric to use for corsetry as it is densly woven, non stretch and very very strong, yet it is fine, smooth and luxurious to the touch

Use the less expensive plain coutil for flatlining or fusing to fashion fabrics or as a lining, and use the brocade coutils on it's own or as a pretty lining.

The sateens and broche coutils can be used in single layer corsetry with or without embellishments.

All fabric listed on this site is 100% cotton or cotton viscose mix, with or without sizing as indicated (ie: if it's stiff, then it will be sized).

There are options on each fabric listing to purchase one metre of fabric or half a metre.  If you wish to buy in increments of half a metre then you have to select the 'half a metre' option - for example, for 1.5m, you have to order 3 x half a metre.  Silly I know but my web provider will not change their system so we have to navigate around.  Fabric is always sent in one continuous length.



If there are any products you don't see here that you would like, please get in touch - it is likely they can be sourced for you.

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