Corset Boning - Directory of Corset Making Components

Our range of corset boning includes all types of spiral steel corsetry boning, and several widths and thicknesses of flat sprung steel corset boning.  We also have the very popular synthetic whalebone which is particularly good for historical corset making projects.
Metal corset boning was invented by the Victorians - think of it as scaffolding.  The shape of a corset comes from the pattern of the corset and the fabric, and it is held in place smoothly by the bones.  Corset boning is made from sprung steel so that it maintains pressure over the body and keeps everything in shape.
All continuous boning is priced per metre. 
Or we have a vast selection of pre-cut lengths. 

Flat steel boning is made from sprung steel - it does not buckle when you bend it (unless you bend it very hard obviously).  If you bend flat spring steel you will take the spring out of it and it then will not work properly.

Spiral wire boning for corsetry is made from two metal springs flattened and wedged together!  It is very flexible and makes a sharper nip at the waist than flat steels.  Different types of bones and different combinations of boning have different effects in corsetry.  

Most plastic boning is made from polyester and is good for stiffening bodices, dresses, gowns, lingerie and swimwear.