Corset Kits - Directory of Corset Making Components

Complete corset making kits contain everything you need to make  a steel boned antique style or modern style corset in a variety of styles.  Most kits are suitable for beginner corset makers however, prior sewing experience is advantageous.
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Remember to check the free online corset making tutorials for help and advice.


Each corset kit with a corset pattern included contains everything you need to make the corset in the pattern. 

All components are high quality cotton and steel including coutil fabric, spiral boning, laces, boning tapes, waist stays, metal end caps, and two part metal eyelets.

Kits are supplied with minimum amount of fabric required.  Larger sizes may need more fabric. 

Kits contain enough materials required to make the corset but things like boning tape, continuous boning and bias binding may not be in one continuous peice.  Fabric and lacing will always be in one continuous peice as this is essential.

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