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Budget corset kits are made from roll ends.  The fabrics are enough to make the corset pattern with them, but are odd lengths rather than measured lengths.  The metal components are the same as in the regular kits.

If they are supplied with fabric to make a toile this fabric may have a bit of factory soiling - this will be marked as a slight second.  

These kits are being offered at a super discount as we have too many odds and ends in the studio - once they're gone, they're gone!

Suitable for absolute beginners, or pro's who want to build a stash with bargains!!

Limited product pictures as time = money and we want to offer the best value possible.  For an idea of what's in the kits, look at our regular listings but they all have:  Herringbone coutil in either black or white, twill boning tape in one length, satin bias binding in either black or off white, ribbon waist stays 25mm, ribbon laces 15mm in black or cotton corset lacing in white.  Obviously all tapes and fabrics match - so black fabric = black tapes and bindings.

Budget corset making kit black Budget corset making kit white Budget starter corset making kit
Black herringbone kit White herringbone kit Starter kit with extra fabric



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