Bone casing - Corset making supplies and haberdashery shop

A range of corset boning tape including plain twill tape by the metre, coloured herringbone tapes by the roll and tubular bone casing for a luxury finish.  Exclusive to Sew Curvy is our new range of very fine twill tape, similar to the type of boning tapes which can be found in antique corsetry - and in a wide range of colours!

We offer a few different types of boning tape, all selected for durability and quality.

Tubular boning tape is a luxurious option for fine corsetry and dressmaking and is especially useful when you do not plan to use a separate lining, or where you need an extra, non-bulky layer between the bones and the fabric to prevent show through on fine fabrics.

Twill tape is good for all corset boning requirements and is a less expensive option. It comes in various widths to suit all of our boning sizes.

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