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All about metal boning for corsetry and dressmaking

Read all about why corset boning is shaped the way it is, and how to use it.  Lots of links to other fascinating articles!  READ MORE .... 

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Corset Making - for beginners to intermediate

Facts and figures about corset making including what's included in my book and why you need it.  READ MORE ....


Corsetry - My journey

Some of my old musings on corsetry, old and new, and why wearing a corset is like wearing a pair of stilettos.  READ MORE ...

Vintage Lingerie

Book Review : Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen

Beautiful, fine silk lingerie items are one of those things which we consider to be the sort of luxury we would rarely - if ever - buy for ourselves due to the sometimes eye wateringly expensive price.  As sewists, we can often look at garments in shops and say “i can make that” (for a fraction of the cost), and so we can too with lingerie - even the type you see in high end shops such as Agent Provocateur and Coco de Mer.  Finding commercial lingerie patterns in the styles and shapes of yesteryear however, is difficult if not impossible  but Jill Salen, a professional costumer of some renown and with a special interest in historical underwear,  has come to the rescue!  ..... READ MORE

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Interview with Sew Magazine - July 2011

In July 2011, Sew Magazine did a special issue on vintage fashion and turned to me for expert advice on foundations and corsetry for vintage clothing ....... READ MORE

worcestercorset  Corsets for the Masses    

The Royal Worcester Corset Company, which wasn't, as you may suppose in Worcester England, but in Worcester, Massachusets, USA was started by David Fanning around 1875 and flourished until his death in the late 1950's.  David Fanning was the  first  corset manufacturer to discover that women's bodies required different sizes to cope with tall, medium and small frames.  Thus, the factory produced corsets for the individual, at prices for the masses.

The most interesting part of this story, is that David Fanning didn't know how to make a corset when he started out.  He merely saw a gap in the market, practiced and practiced, with the help of female assistants who modelled his fledgling designs, and before long, he erected his very own factory - The Royal Worcester Corset Company became one of the two leading corset manufacturers for the mass market in the world......  READ MORE


C is for Corset

This article was written for and originally appeared at The Sewing Directory

Corsetry is all about fashion outlines and firm foundations - from the earliest waist enhancing leather belts worn by the Minoans as far back as 2500BC, to the latest in figure shaping technology using 'powernet' fabrics and nylon to shape, support and enhance the figure.  However, our traditional view of the 'corset' is the Victorian version which slims and gives the archetypal feminine 'hour glass' shape to any figure regardless of size, by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips ..... READ MORE


Interview with Yours Truly in Sew Magazine - July 2010

Tell us about yourself - have you always been interested in sewing and corsetry?

I have always been interested in sewing and making things, and my interest in corsetry began out of necessity 6 or 7 years ago, when I needed one for a burlesque style outfit.   .... READ MORE