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There is a huge amount of free of information about making corsets on the internet - but where do you start?  You could make as many mistakes following bad advice, as you could if you had no advice at all!  I've set this page up to help you.  It's a comprehensive compendium of the best free information on corset building,  on the internet.  With this information you will be able to start learning the art of corsetry with ease, while collecting pro-tips on the way.  Don't be afraid to experiment on your journey, so that you can build your own effective methods of corset construction in order to take your work to the next level - most, if not all of the worlds best corsetieres today are self taught.  If you're serious about learning corsetry, I suggest you buy yourself a special journal and make lots of notes as you go along - future you will thank you!

To get you started, this page contains years of research and information about corset making including tutorials, blog posts, and very detailed product descriptions throughout the shop pages.  With the advent of the Smart Phone, it's now possible to easily SHOW YOU HOW to do stuff, with video tutorials and enhanced imagery, all mingled with my own professional tips and tricks and guidance on the stuff that works!

Corset Making Tutorials

This collection of corset making tutorials is designed to help get you started in corsetry.  The more you know about corset making, the more there is to know, and so it is impossible to include all the information!  Instead, I hope these new updated tutorials provide you with a springboard to start your journey in corsetry,  further your exsiting knowledge and enhance your current practices.  For more in-depth information on each topic presented, I recommend my e-book "Corset making, from beginners to intermediate" which has become a staple on the modern corsetiere's bookshelf.  There is also a lot of detailed information in the Sew Curvy corset patterns, The Sophia and The Victoria.  For in person teaching, I run the Oxford School of Corsetry - all classes for 2018 are currently fully booked and I have a waiting list for personal tution, however, I am designing an on-line corsetry course which will be launched in early 2019.

Featured Videos

Sew Curvy has it's own Youtube channel which demonstrates various aspects of corsetry and product information. 
Here are the newest ones to hit YouTube!

Corset Making Directory

Although I'm a firm advocate of paying for information of value, there is alot you can do to learn corsetry on your own steam.

Here are my favourite free resources from around the web

Asymmetrical corset


This is a seminal article written by Kate Moir of Bone and Busk Couture on how to draft for asymetry

sparklewren corset and pattern

Fantastic article by Jenni Hampshire, aka Sparklewren, on how to manipulate an antique pattern for modern wear

Angela Friedman corset construction turn of cloth

Essential if you want to make corsets with a fashion layer is the knowledge to apply turn of cloth for wrinkle free results.

1911 corset sew along

Fantastic set of tutorials on how to sew this 1911 corset from scaling the pattern to finishing with flossing.  There's a kit on Sew Curvy too!

Tutorial on how to make an underbust corset pattern

A super little tutorial on how to make an underbust corset pattern - this is a widely used resource for new corset makers.

Making a Victorian corset

Another video from Izabela where she shows you how to make a single layer Victorian corset in a video!  

free corset patterns by Ralph Pink

Ralph Pink has a selection of free patterns from the book Corsets & Crinolines by Norah Waugh

Foundations revealed corset pattern tutorial

A more complicated tutorial on how to draft a full corset pattern.  A very good starting point for most people.

folded seam method of corset construction

This is also known as the 'welt seam method'  There are a few versions around.

Graphic illustration of corset welt seam

A graphic illustration of how the welt seam is constructed followed by a discussion on Corsetmakers Livejournal

Another tutorial on the enclosed/welt seam method.  It's always good to read multiple sources

The Merry Corsetiere at Livejournal

Many of todays leading corsetieres learned their craft via Livejournal which was the only online resource for a long time during the 90's and early 00's


fan lacing a corset

Fan lacing

Tutorial by Sandrine of Serinde Corsets

sewing machine

Understand your machine sewing tension for perfect results

The best antique corset patterns available

Example image

Biggest selection of modern corset patterns on the web!

Corsetry Component Information

I've written a ton of blog posts over the years containing detailed information on certain products, such as the post about bobbinet which explains the history of this amazing fabric, why it's better than plain tulle and who uses it for what!  Also, get the low down on things like plastic vs steel corset boning, what, why, and who are the questions I aim to answer for you. Click each picture for further info.

plastic vs steel boning

Plastic boning

All about the different types of plastic boning and what to use it for.

different types of bone casings for corsetry and dressmaking

Boning tapes

what can be used to case your corset bones - pros and cons of each

Christian Dior dress foundation with spiral steel boning

To add additional items, use the + button to the right of the final item.

What is corset boning for anyway? 

corset with lace overlay

Using a lace overlay

How to tart up a plain coutil with a pretty lace overlay - also an easy introduction to turn of cloth

the best interfacing for corset making

What are interfacing, nets and fusibles for?  Find out here!

Corset Makers Social

Find me all over the internet!  I have a Facebook group and Instagram account where I share every day tips and tricks for corset making and couture, and I help run a free corset making Facebook group where we have several professionals at hand to help with your corsetry conundrums. There's also a growing youtube channel!

I am the owner Sew Curvy Retail and i've been teaching corsetry to students from all over the world for over 10 years.  As the founder of Oxford School of Corsetry, and the world class Oxford Conference of Corsetry, as well as author of the best selling e-book "Corset Making, from beginners to intermediate", I have the honour of being the most experienced specialist teacher of corsetry on the planet at this time!  I started Sew Curvy retail back in 2009 so that I could supply quality corset making components as well as help others like me to learn what was at the time, the lost art of corsetry.  The corsetry components shop is now closed, but it's still my mission to hand down the secrets of the craft to make sure they're not lost or forgotton!

Julia Bremble

Oxfordshire, UK

Julia Bremble, corsetiere and respected corsetry expert