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  1. We're 4 months into 'Post Brexit' and discovering all the things that could possibly go wrong, but for some unfathomable reason that I cannot work out, the operations which are suffering most as a result of the new customs arrangements everywhere, are the couriers!

    post to europe via royal mail

    Typically I used to use UPS for everthing going West - so USA etc., and DPD for everything going East of here - so EU etc.,

    DPD are a French company with a highly sophisticated digital tracking system and I have literally never ever had a problem with them in 10 years.  Now it seems they are in meltdown! I can't understand it.  I would have thought if anyone could cope, it would be DPD.  But alas no.

    I haven't tried UPS because my usual booking company has put them off limits! WTF I hear you say? It's a mystery!

    My EU custom had dropped right off in January as expected, but slowly my lovely EU customers are coming back.  Partly it seems, this is because the only service out of the UK who seems to be getting on with the job with absolutely no problems at all, is the Royal Mail!  I haven't had one single problem with anything going to the EU with the Royal Mail and there don't seem to have been many or any 'problems' with customs (touches as much wood as possible!!).  Customers all over Europe have been reporting safe, quick and free of customs deliveries. 

    SO, I have upped the postage rates for parcels which weigh over 2kg.  This is so that I can break larger orders into 2kg packages and send by Royal Mail.  It's more expensive I  know, but it's the only way I can guarantee you getting your stuff in the usual amount of time, rather than 3 months down the line, but as ever, any excess postage paid will be refunded.

    I'm sorry about having to do this but until the courier companies get to grips with the situation, this is the best we can do for our own service to our customers.