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  1. a pallet of corset steel and synthetic whalebone
    The last delivery of corsetry steel before Brexit!

    There are some changes a'foot at Sew Curvy - I haven't worked them all out yet but even though we are still fighting Covid, we really now have to turn our attention to "the big B" ... Brexit.  As of this moment, Brexit is still going to happen despite the intense misery that 2020 has already inflicted upon us ... For a small business in a small country this is not great news.  What will change?  Tax, Customs, VAT - everything ... So all our supplies from January 2021 will be subject to import tax if no deal happens. 

    Yes ALL of them - except corset lacing.  Laces are made in the UK so that's something. Coutil and steel for corsets, carry import duties of between 2-8% so we must keep everything crossed that a deal happens.

    Did you know that most sewing materials and tools are not manufactured in the UK?  Most of everything we sew with from pins and needles to fabrics and notions are manufactured in Europe.  That means VAT rule changes, Import Duties, and Processing fees .. Fun eh? 

    VAT will not change too much for me except the processing may be more complex.  But on top of the usual VAT, there will be import duties and processing fees and more vat on top of those (I know! does it ever end?).  These charges will be between 10-20% on top which means price hikes of at least that much, and lets not forget about the pain of getting the goods from Europe to Oxfordshire and the logistical horror that will entail  - lorry parks in kent anyone?   SO .. the only thing I have been able to do is stock up as much as possible before the big day so that I can continue going until either we fold, or we find a way forward.  Whichever happens first.

    I will have to close the shop for a period during the festive break - this will give me a bit of a rest and space to sort out the new breixity status of Sew Curvy.