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  1. corset making supplies ready to post

    So the postal service has slowed right down.  It's still operational but instead of the last collection being at 4pm, it is now at 1pm.  This means that although I will still be packing and posting at the same rate as usual, the packages will be slower to get going because if I drop off my parcels at the post office after 1pm (likely), then those parcels wont go till the next day. 

    In practice this means that if you have a deadline, you really will have to order about 2 weeks in advance JUST IN CASE. 

    It's not just collection times that have changed, it's the speed and efficiency of the postal services.

    As ever I am self isolated, the post mistress is still dressed as Cleopatra (en bandages), and everything is being wiped and cleaned as if a murder has taken place!

    Stay safe everyone!

  2. Lock Down and Lace Up !

    Sew Curvy is a one woman business.  As I am mostly self-isolated all the time, orders are being posted as usual. I am washing my hands frequently, disinfecting surfaces, and everything in the studio is safe as it is stored upstairs away from the public. 'The Public' in the world of Sew Curvy are: courier drivers, my post mistress and neighboring artists who are all keeping locked away. All my corsetry clients are now cancelled/postponed and the last time I was 'out and about' was some weeks ago!


    I'm still here! Self-isolated most of the time!

    At home my husband - a key worker - is also self-isolating as his workplace have sent all management home to work so that they can keep the emergency services operational with as little risk as possible.



    This is basically the Fire Service in a nutshell right now! All of the managment are working by tele-call and video conference every day (sooo many meetings!)

    My local Post Mistress has taken extreme measures to keep herself and her customers safe by basically dressing up as an Egyptian mummy (wrapped in scarves and gloves!) with a protective visor!

    Post office

    Anna, my lovely Post Mistress is taking things very seriously!

    Orders are busy as you can imagine - food is not the only thing being stockpiled! (don't worry, Sew Curvy customers are sensible!).  Please continue to order your corsetry and sewing supplies, safe in the knowledge that all is germ free and that everyone this side of the chain is taking as many precautions as possible!


    Supplies are still coming through and being sent out so its safe to


    However please be patient.  Demand increased, there's only one of me packing, and the postal service has slowed down a bit.  I can't answer all emails immediately so correspondence is a bit slower too! 

    Packages seem to be taking much longer to get to their destination. For this reason it's best to choose first class (tracked) mail while we are on this reduced service as second class even if tracked, seems to be taking forever.