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  1. We've started the new year off with a bit of a bang!  The most important and exciting news is that we will soon be branching into BRA MAKING SUPPLIES!  Watch this space for more news.  I've been to the wholesalers, I've selected all the things, i'm now waiting on pricing info and stock.  Here's a picture of all the samples bundled on to my work table to whet your appetite!

    lingerie supplies

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 09.27.05


    Bees wax conditions and smooths thread.  Simply run your thread through a block of beeswax, iron the thread, and use.  No it doesn't make your work greasy, but it does make your thread super smooth and super strong!  
    New! Pure 100% Paraffin wax is offered now as a vegan alternative and is on site now!  

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 09.30.32

    Due to popular demand, I've added a new beginners corsetry class to the schedule in MARCH.  Three places have gone, and three are still available!  These go very quickly so do hurry and book if you want to learn corsetry this year.  The next available beginners class will not take place until much later in the year.


    In addition to bra and lingerie making supplies, we have powder coated coloured busks coming which will match and tone with the coutil fabric we stock.

    Coloured busks

    But i'm not the only place where you can get special corset busks!  I'll be writing a fuller blog post next week telling you all about the "busk revolution".  In the meantime, here's a taster pic!  Stay tuned to find out more on where to find coloured busks, bespoke colour matched busks, and engraved busks for all your projects!

    powder coated coloured busks