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Times Are Changing

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If you follow my Social Media this wont be a surprise to you and I'm writing here because I need to delineate some space and step forth into a new phase.

Sew Curvy is currently going through tough times and I've spent the last month evaluating how to proceed in an increasingly difficult and hostile trading environment.  Since 1 July this year, the Brexit dividend has been paying out in spades, which basically means that many of our EU customers have vapourised.  A small business such as Sew Curvy does not have the resources to tackle the toll this is having on the UK in general.  Along with our dead pigs, bankrupt farmers, empty shelves and absense of lorry drivers, are the small businesses who cannot afford to take on European accounting services in order that they can set up subsidiaries, and/or pay VAT to 27 EU states with ease.  The will of the people was not that we commit this monumental act of self harm but the will of our corrupt government, says it is to be so.  

We are all paying and for the last month or so I have been trying to figure out a way forward not only for the business but for my own mental health and happiness.  I am faced with the choice of either trying to compete with other businesses which can discount arbitrarily, apparently regardless of the need for profit, or change my business plan considerably.

It's hard to admit defeat after all this time, but luckily I have other irons in the same fire. I'll still run Sew Curvy but on a scaled down level. Orders will be sent twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, and this will enable me to concentrate on other areas of the business. I'd love it if you could still support me on this journey - I really don't have much choice. I've even read my tarot cards twice (two decks!) and used an oracle deck to make sure! All say "transform, re-evaluate, move on" ... So that is what I shall have to do.

In the first image is the beginnings of a corset pattern. I have at least two books to write - one on patterning, the other on super duper professional corsetry tips and techniques to maximise your profits and bring your corsetry to pro-level very quickly. The methods transformed my business and will transform yours too! I'm also doing my online course, and there will be more patterns. There is A LOT to do and a lot i can do, but It's very very hard to let go of my baby which is the shop and the foundation of my business, in order to make space for that. A true leap of faith! Pic 2 is from The Druid Animal Oracle a card that I drew this afternoon "Adder" meaning transformation - I had an Adder tattooed on my spine 20 or so years ago when she first led me down this path - a path which led to Sew Curvy. It's time to follow her once more.

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