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Hours and Holidays!

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Summer is usually quite quiet at Sew Curvy Towers, and this year we have a couple of changes to tell you about - only temporary ones!

1:  During the month of August we will be sending your corsetry supplies out on Mondays and Thursdays only.  This is to allow me time to spend on electronic pursuits, such as pattern development and book writing!

I have decided it is time to write some new books so I have three planned:

  • a book on how to make a corset pattern - I have at least 3 methods to share, along with all sorts of corset patterning and corset fitting tips and tricks - uber curves R us!.
  • a book on advanced corset construction including time saving pro-techniques which will up your game and improve your time vs profits exponentially - I may even include a little business section with this.
  • a paper update to my now standard reference text 'Corset Making' which I wrote back in summer 2012.  The original e-book is selling more copies than ever before but I would like to make a paper  corset making book to go along side the original e-book,  and for use as 'course notes' for my online corsetry classes which I will be writing along-side all these corsetry books!

Obviously it will take time to write all of these things but it is part of my plan to streamline the supplies business and slowly move online over the next 4-5 years.  If you don't know about my e-book already, you can download it instantly using THIS LINK.

corset making book

2:  My last holiday was in September 2019!  The pandemic hit in March 2020 and since then my feet have literally not touched the ground,  not least because all the people who thought that one day they might love to make a corset if only they had the time, suddenly had a whole bunch of time on their hands!! We literally sent more corset kits out in 2020/21 than we have sent in the last 10 years!!  On a more personal front,  I moved home which was a bit of an effort during a lock-down!  Anyway, the upshot is that I haven't had a break for 2 years, and desperately need to 'get away' for some much needed down time.

My holiday will therefore run for the week of 13 September.  The shop will still be open but we will not be sending anything out that week and my emails will be off.  If you are likely to need stuff before then, please order by 10am on Thursday 9 September.  I will be trying to find a remote, deserted yet romantic castle like this one ...


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