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Make a Mask for Covid from Corset Making Materials!

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Another reminder that you can use coutil fabric scraps to make a mask - I've used the small weave herringbone coutil - just one layer, backed with a softer quilting weight cotton.  You can make a pocket insert or not depending on your preference.  Or you can simply use two layers of fine woven cotton of your choice.  It is not recommended to use Jersey fabric as this is too loose a weave.

this mask is coutil on the inside and fancy leopard on the outside
held on with boil proof elastic and 10mm twill tape

Silk is also good for mask making.  It's breathable and can help maintain a healthy body temperature, it's kinder against the skin, not only because it's softer, but because it does not draw moisture from the skin, it's hypo allergenic and a natural dust and fungal repellant (source: James Hare). 


mask 4 Mask 2
coutil on the outside... leopard on the inside .. "His'n'Hers"

There is official UK Government advice on mask making and wearing HERE.

And a really good pattern HERE.

I used this pattern as printed for my husband, but I shaved 1cm off the top for my smaller, more delicate face ;) - if you do this, you have to remember to curve the top inwards a bit so that it still clings tightly to your nose.

We have boil proof elastic on the website HERE, and I'm waiting for samples of nose wires to arrive so I can check which size to stock next week.

And for ties, the best thing to use is cotton twill tape, 10mm as it is not as 'slippy' as corset lacing or satin ribbon (though satin ribbon is luxe!).  Find the 10mm twill tape HERE.

For my masks I used Elastic to go round the top of my head, and twill tape for the bottom so that it's ajustable.

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