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Covid-19 Friday Update

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On the plus side, orders have calmed down a bit, but on the minus side, there's still a bit of a backlog which is slowly being cleared.

Sew curvy blog packages

The problem is getting supplies.  My wholesaler opened their website on Tuesday at 9am, saying that they would take orders till 5pm (bear in mind they had already been closed for 10 days).  I quickly filled my basket with tapes, eyelets, bindings etc., and at 10.59 reach to get my payment details.  By the time I looked back at the screen, the website was closed!  The wholesaler had got 10 days worth of sales in just 2 hours!!! I wrote to ask when they would be open again, and very VERY kindly because I've been with them for so long, they opened up for 5 mins that evening so that I could get my order in.  BUT - that wont be packed for at least a week.  In the meantime, I'm low on boning tapes and eyelets.  Not quite critical, but low enough to still not have kits live until i've assessed things a bit more - which I haven't had time to do because, packing/admin etc.,

Sew curvy blog suppliesJPG

Orders are going out regularly though and another thing  I have been doing is keeping more active on Instagram including doing the odd "Live" where I answer your questions on corset making.  These are the questions I answered this week.

Sew curvy blog live

I usually do lives at the start of the week while i'm cutting mountains of fabric.  It's a job where I can chat as I go as I don't need to concentrate too much on it!  So, if you're on Instagram and you have a burning corset making question, look me up @sewcurvysupplies, and send the question!

sew curvy blog live broadcast

In the meantime, I'm sorry again for the slowness of getting things out - a mixture of overwhelm and supply chain shortage but things do seem to be easing up now as we reach a sort of 'normality' in this strange situation we are all finding ourselves in the middle of!  Stay safe and happy weekend!

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  1. julia

    aww - thanks Elaine! Hope you and yours are well and safe too xx

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  2. Elaine Honnor

    You a breath of fresh air in this strange time, stay safe ?

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