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COVID-19 Postal Update

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corset making supplies ready to post

So the postal service has slowed right down.  It's still operational but instead of the last collection being at 4pm, it is now at 1pm.  This means that although I will still be packing and posting at the same rate as usual, the packages will be slower to get going because if I drop off my parcels at the post office after 1pm (likely), then those parcels wont go till the next day. 

In practice this means that if you have a deadline, you really will have to order about 2 weeks in advance JUST IN CASE. 

It's not just collection times that have changed, it's the speed and efficiency of the postal services.

As ever I am self isolated, the post mistress is still dressed as Cleopatra (en bandages), and everything is being wiped and cleaned as if a murder has taken place!

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Elaine Honnor

    Thank you for the updates and happy you and your postmistress are staying safe.x

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