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  1. I'm getting an unusually large number of orders from Canada this week and am presuming it's because supplies there are scarce due to the postal problems. I'd just like to mention that there are problems with the Canadian Postal service currently, and post to Canada is taking a long time. Please bear this in mind when ordering your goods.  Here's a screen shot from my Royal Mail Click and Drop message box.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.53.19

  2. sewcurvyblog mailing corset supplies

    Corset Making Supplies for you are collected from the Studio every day!

    It feels like ages since I've written a general update on the 'situation' as regards Covid, Sew Curvy Service and other stuff...

    Well the Covid situation seems to have settled a bit which is good.  Haberdashery and Fabric supplies are getting through - still slower, but a bit quicker than last time I wrote! 

    Demand is still high, but not as high as when we were in full lockdown - that of course changed when people started going back to work.

    sewcurvyblog coutil delivery
    Corsetry Coutil deliveries are back to normal at last!

    Between all of those things, and the new postal system which has literally changed my life, you the gorgeous Customer, shouldn't notice too much amiss.

    Where i'm still struggling is with admin - I have a pathological need to get my orders out on time - it's always been the case - and by the end of the day there's only so much time (and energy it must be said) to catch up with Admin.  Admin is basically stock records, ordering in, customer correspondence etc.,  I'll sometimes do a bit of this of an evening from home, but right now - there's no internet for me at home (read on).

    So other news which i've mostly kept to myself, is that for the entire period of lockdown there has been a bit of extra stress for me on the personal front!  Literally the day before - on 23 March - my husband and I bought a new home!  Then there was lockdown.  Which meant that the whole house buying/moving process slowed down and on top of the usual stress of that, the lockdown stress was on top! Argh! I never do things by half!! The first time we moved home, we did it on our wedding day - 23 years ago!  Well done us! 

    sewcurvyblog moving house
    doesn't everyone have skulls to pack on moving day?

    Anyway, that move took place (finally!) just over a week ago and ofcourse, the things you never notice when you view a new home, surfaced, and there is much to sort - with us it was basically that we had to dunk the entire place in bleach, hire a skip for all the rubbish left in there, and clean till our hands were raw.  Anyway ... all done now, so normal service in the shop should resume from today!

    In sumarry where we are now:

    • Orders are being packed asap every day,  and post is collected daily.
    • The new postage system means that post is collected by the postman every day - it's been a godsend and means time saved on many fronts - no driving to the PO by lunchtime (and therefore limiting number of orders packed), no waiting in queue's at the PO, no danger of infections from other PO customers (though that was minimal it must be said), no looking up tracking numbers and doing separate emails per customer, etc., etc., 
    • Supplies are getting better at coming through
    • Stock levels should be back to normal soon

    Again, THANK YOU so much for your amazing patience through this difficult time, and your support of Sew Curvy! It's been a pleasure getting your corsetry supplies out through these times and knowing that some of you are trying new things whilst possibly forming a new corset making addiction - sorrynotsorry.

    sewcurvyblog oasis of calm
    My studio neighbour, The Cuckoo's Nest Gallery, has been creating an oasis of calm outside Sew Curvy Towers! 
  3. I'm so excited I could burst!  I have updated the postage options available at Sew Curvy for UK customers! 

    From now on all orders over £10.00* (under review) will be sent by the fully automated Royal Mail Service for businesses which is Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 - they do exactly what they say on the tin - Both services are fully tracked, you will get automatic emails with your tracking numbers, and you will be able to track progress.

    *Orders under £10.00 will be sent via first or second class recorded mail (not tracked for the whole journey).

    New post!

    In addition, post will be collected from right here - Sew Curvy Towers - EVERY DAY !!!  This is going to save all of us an incredible amount of time!

    The new service starts from MONDAY 8 JUNE - orders taken from this moment (Friday 5 June 17:19) will go into the new Tracked service.  Pending orders will either go into the tracked service or will be sent as normal (if you've paid second class tracked that will go as normal).

    Overseas orders will remain the same but obviously the 'every day collections' will ensure you get your orders a littel sooner too!

    Unfortunately there is a tiny bit of bad news for customers in the USA.  Because the USPS has put prices up for our partnership services by 100% (!!!) this will have a necessary impact on prices from UK to USA.  The Royal Mail has now had to create a whole new "zone" and that will be implemented from 1 July.  Read more about it HERE.

    Next week i'll re-vamp all the postage rate tables with this info and put them on the website on the Delivery Info page.

    Don't forget that UK orders over £110.00 will attract free postage under the Tracked 48 postage system.

  4. Another reminder that you can use coutil fabric scraps to make a mask - I've used the small weave herringbone coutil - just one layer, backed with a softer quilting weight cotton.  You can make a pocket insert or not depending on your preference.  Or you can simply use two layers of fine woven cotton of your choice.  It is not recommended to use Jersey fabric as this is too loose a weave.

    this mask is coutil on the inside and fancy leopard on the outside
    held on with boil proof elastic and 10mm twill tape

    Silk is also good for mask making.  It's breathable and can help maintain a healthy body temperature, it's kinder against the skin, not only because it's softer, but because it does not draw moisture from the skin, it's hypo allergenic and a natural dust and fungal repellant (source: James Hare). 


    mask 4 Mask 2
    coutil on the outside... leopard on the inside .. "His'n'Hers"

    There is official UK Government advice on mask making and wearing HERE.

    And a really good pattern HERE.

    I used this pattern as printed for my husband, but I shaved 1cm off the top for my smaller, more delicate face ;) - if you do this, you have to remember to curve the top inwards a bit so that it still clings tightly to your nose.

    We have boil proof elastic on the website HERE, and I'm waiting for samples of nose wires to arrive so I can check which size to stock next week.

    And for ties, the best thing to use is cotton twill tape, 10mm as it is not as 'slippy' as corset lacing or satin ribbon (though satin ribbon is luxe!).  Find the 10mm twill tape HERE.

    For my masks I used Elastic to go round the top of my head, and twill tape for the bottom so that it's ajustable.