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From the Archives : Binding a Corset

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The finishing of your corset starts with binding the raw edges for a neat finish.  It is easy to do this with bias binding.  Further embellishments, such as a beaded or feathered fringe, can be incorporated or hand sewn on top of the finishing binding.

You will need:

- Your corset
Bias binding
- Zipper foot
Pins, needle and thread
Corset binding can be self made, using the fabric of the corset, or pre-made in a contrasting fabric or colour.

This tutorial uses pre-made cotton bias binding.
binding1 First of all, make sure that all your raw edges are neat, with no dangling threads or rough edges.  You may need to trim some of the edges so that they are smooth.  Make sure that each side of the corset is completely symmetrical and that the bones are pushed up from the edge you are working on, in order to give the sewing machine needle maximum room, and minimum risk of breaking by hitting a bone.
binding 2 Measure the appropriate length of binding plus 1 inch spare at either end.  

Unfold one of the folded edges of the binding so that it is flat, fold over the spare inch at the end, align the raw edges of the binding and corset right sides together and pin into place.  When you get to the other end, fold over the spare inch again and pin in place.  Make sure that each edge of binding is also aligned with the edge of the corset.
You may find it handy to use the zipper foot for this because of the bones
When stitched all along the edge, fold the binding over the edge to the other side, and press into place, making sure that binding on both sides is even all the way along.
There are a couple of options for finishing at this stage.  You can either hand sew the binding in place (my preferred method), or you can "stitch in the ditch" for a totally machined look.
To stitch in the ditch,   pin the unfinished  side of the binding in place from the RIGHT side of the corset -  make sure that the pins catch the binding and hold it in place, on the wrong side.
Then from the right side of the corset, stitch the binding in place along the seam which you had sewn previously - the ditch. This will ensure a neat finish on the right side - you should not be able to see the stitches....
  ..whilst the binding on the wrong side of the corset should be just caught and held in place showing a  neat line of machined stitches.
The ends of the binding should be handstiched together to give a lovely neat finish.
Et Voila!


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