Sew Curvy Corsetry is small UK based online business specialising in the supply of quality corset making supplies for making authentic steel boned corsetry.

The corsetry components you will find on this website have all been especially chosen and tested,  for their quality, practicality, and usefulness - you will not find anything here that is not essential for making a corset, and all products within the shop are chosen to ensure that acheiving a professional finish to your corsetry project is as easy as possible.  Having been in the corsetry business for 15 years, the range we offer has been concentrated to only include necessary materials and tools - we don't sell pointless 'gadgets' as we are a diverse business which is focussed on making the art of corsetry accessible to all.  

Alongside our quality product range are all the other tools you need for learning how to make a corset or to improve your existing corset making skills.  In addition to our very detailed product descriptions on each product listing, we have free corset making tutorials, a whole page of resources linking to other corsetry related tutorials around the internet, a Youtube channel dedicated to corset making, a Facebook Group called "Learn Corset Making" where beginners can help eachother, an Instagram page with a plethora of quick corset making tips and information, and an informative blog which contains product spotlights on many of the corset making products we sell.  

Sew Curvy has become well known amongst professionals, enthusiasts, and hobbyists for the quality of our corsetry supplies and is the go-to supplier of many Theatre, film and TV production companies.

Our aim is to make corsetry easy and accessible to all

Julia Bremble is the owner of Sew Curvy. In addition to running this popular online shop, Julia has a very active role in the corset making community as a teacher, mentor, facilitator and enabler. In addition to providing quality corsetry  supplies to customers all over the world,  she runs couture design label JB Corsets which takes a limited number of bespoke commissions per year, is the Founder and Organiser of Oxford Conference of Corsetry a unique, world class event for corset makers, designers and enthusiasts, is the founder of Oxford School of Corsetry which teaches students from all over the world, and is the author of the standard reference work "Corset Making from Beginners to Intermediate" which is an e-book published in 2012 by Vivebooks, and still after 10 years, a best seller.

During 2022 in post Brexit Britain, Julia has decided to concentrate the range of goods available at Sew Curvy to focus purely on the essence of corset making, allowing space for her to write a legacy collection of corset making books.

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