We are the UK's leading supplier of Corset Making component supplying many film & TV production companies, top couture houses, professional corsetieres and ofcourse many many hobby sewers and corset makers.  Please feel free to have a browse around and do feel free to ask any questions if you can't find what you need

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Julia Bremble of Sew Curvy, is the worlds leading and most experienced educator for Corsetry having taught students from all over the world for the past 10 years.  She wrote best selling book "Corset Making, from beginners to intermediate" and is the founder and organiser of Oxford Conference of Corsetry, a world class event which takes place in Oxford, UK and is attended by the worlds best corset makers and enthusiasts.


corset making video tutorials

A growing Youtube channel containing some little video tutorials on corsetry and some product spotlights.  Stay tuned for more demos coming soon!


Best selling e-book on Corset Making by Julia Bremble, click through to read reviews and purchase an instant download.
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Check out our blog and our page of free corset making tutorials and resources.  Everything you need to get started!

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