Postage and Delivery

Sew Curvy posts world-wide. Postage costs are worked out according to the rates given by the UK Royal Mail service and include packing and handling.  Please scroll to the end of this page to see our postage rate charts.  UK orders over £100 are sent free of charge.  If you would like plain packaging, please request this in the customer request box at check out or send a mail.


Orders are packed and posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If your order is urgent please let us know by separate email via the contact form and include your order number so that we can locate the order quickly. Please note, whilst we try to get all orders cleared for the weekend so that people can get on with their projects, orders received after 10am will not be packed or despatched the same day - please also allow for the fact that we are a working studio and whilst we really try our best, there are times when we just can't drop everything in order to send an order the same day where it has been received after the cut off time.

If you would like to recieve your order in time for the weekend, please order by THURSDAY. If everything is in stock it will be posted Friday morning. If there are delays it will be because either we are either waiting for new stock or have ordered stock especially.


If you selected Tracked Postage : We do not have an automatic facility that includes this information with email despatch notes. If you are expecting a tracked parcel and it doesn't arrive within the week, then it is probably at your local delivery office - you will need the tracking number to claim it. Please get in touch before it's too late.  In the UK, 'recorded delivery' is not the same as 'next day delivery' - it simply means your item will be tracked.  If you need next day delivery, please get in touch - it's not always possible to drop everything but we try our best.

HOW WE CALCULATE POSTAGE (it's complicated!)

We don't like to charge postage by value of package.  Each time we look at this system it works out more expensive and very unfair.  It can mean that people who buy less, pay more postage, and people who buy more can end up subsidising smaller orders.  We beleive the way we charge for postage is the most cost effective and fairest way to do it.  Unfortunately, it does cost to post and while the UK postage rates are some of the cheapest in the world, they are going up and they are quite complicated! 

UK postage is calculated volumetrically - that is by the size of the parcel and the weight combined, not just the weight as it used to be.  Here is a video which illustrates how postage is calculated at Sew Curvy - prices are a bit out of date since the April 2019 Royal Mail price hike.
(Please note that in the video i'm mostly talking about postage within the UK. Postage outside the UK is very slightly different in that there are a few more weights allowed for Europe and the rest of the world.)


It is extremely rare that parcels go missing and there are a number of reasons why you may not have received your package within the estimated timescales.  Once your package leaves the Sew Curvy Studio, it is in the hands of the postal service. Unless you have paid for a tracked service, we do not have any further insights into what may have happened to your parcel in transit if it does not arrive in time but we can ofcourse confirm the date it was sent and send you an image of the proof of postage.  In all cases, please take the following steps to chase up your parcel.

1) In the UK, if a package does not fit through your letter box it may have been returned to your local sorting office or post office. Post delivery people do not always leave a note to this effect. Alternatively, the package may have been left with a neighbour or in a safe place around your property (in the porch/behind the back gate etc.,). Please check these areas and also the area inside where your letter box is - sometimes packages can get hidden by other things like door curtains (this has happened to me in the past). Again, the delivery person does not always leave a note to say that the package has been left in a safe place or with a neighbour.

If your post is delivered to a communal post box - as in a block of flats, please check that your package has not been collected in error by another resident.

2) At busy times for the postal service, such as Christmas, New Year, and Easter, post is slower than usual because of high volumes going through the system. Over bank holidays post is slower. You therefore may experience a longer than usual delivery time over these periods. (Students! this also applies when you are all ordering all the things at the same time)

3) Mail going to North America, can be held up for inordinately long times by the US Customs Service - delays of up to a month can occur but are not common. Please be patient.

In all cases, I would recommend you check with your local post office/sorting office in the first instance.

The Royal Mail does not consider mail to be lost or missing until 28 working days have passed. Please check all the above options which apply to you, and keep in touch.  I will do all I can to help you but I am unable to re-send items before the Royal Mail has deemed them lost.

If your package was not tracked, and still hasn't turned up after the 28 day delivery window allowed by Royal Mail, please get in touch within 7 days and we will refund or replace your package*


If your parcel is urgent and is not received within 7 days after the posting date, we ask you to re-purchase the goods and pay for tracked postage.  If the original package turns up before 28 days is over, you can send it back to us for a full refund and we will also refund your return postage.  If the parcel does not turn up after the 28 days, we will refund your original purchase or send replacements.

POSTAGE RATES as at 1 April 2019

These are the Sew Curvy postage rates.  All of our items are weighed and the postage in the website is calculated on that basis (because the website doesn't allow for volume).  We add a small amount to cover packaging and handling but our rates are still very competitive.  In the UK we have 5 options including special delivery and everywhere else there are two options, tracked or un-tracked.


If you need something delivered next day, please get in touch.  We prefer you to order by 8.30am for this option, however, we will normally be able to package Special D on orders received up to 10am.  The charge of £15 is a total charge - we will send you an invoice for the excess.  The amount includes admin - ie: the fact that it may not be a postage day, that we have to spend time forming an invoice, and that we may have to drop everything to fulfilll your order.  We are in a rural location and the post office is a 5 mile round trip.  Please therefore check with us if Special D is possible as it is not always possible.

We Always Refund Excess Postage

even more information ....


Orders sent outside the UK are posted using Air Mail or International Signed for. If you do not select the tracked option at checkout, your package will be sent without tracking because the UK postal service does not automatically include tracking. Airmail aims to deliver to the country of destination within 5 working days. From there it is up to your national postal service. Orders to Italy, Croatia, Serbia and Russian Federation are charged for and sent by tracked mail (Europe tracked) automatically due to the high loss incidence in these countries.


The shopping cart makes a good estimate of accurate postage costs based upon the weight of your products however as mail is charged by volume, not weight, it is sometimes hard to get the postage right. For this reason the shopping cart may under or over-estimate the postage. If your packing and postage charge is much less than the estimate given at checkout for postage, packaging and handling, I will either send your package by recorded delivery or I will refund the difference to you by way of paypal or credit note.

A fully boxed corset kit weighs somewhere between 1000-1500g depending upon which kit it is, and if you have ordered any extras. These are posted out worldwide under the catergory "small packet" and are sent either by recorded mail in the UK or by Airmail for international orders.


It is recommended that you choose the tracked shipping option at checkout if your order is urgent, important or of high value. We do not have the resources to send tracking numbers on each order but they will be sent on request. If you know you have tracked shipping, and you think your parcel is taking longer than expected, please ask us for your tracking number and then you will be able to check with your postal provider if you do not receive your package within 14 days. Not only this but we do not have a warehouse. If you order alot of goods we cannot always replace them immediately if your order goes astray. Tracking means that the postal service is more accountable and takes more care.

Unfortunately there is either a world shortage of 'while you were out' delivery notes, or an abundance oflazy delivery people in all countries and who do not always leave the notes they are supposed to leave when receipients are out. Delivery is not automatically rescheduled and the package is most commonly left at a depot for collection. If the package is not collected within 14 days, the package is returned. If you didn't get a note to say that your package is at the depot, then you are not expected to know that delivery was attempted, however it is the recipients responsiblity to check this. Please therefore get in touch as soon as possible if you feel that your package is a bit late. It could be waiting for you! If the parcel gets back to Sew Curvy we will ofcourse re-package it and send it again but will have to invoice the postage cost again. If you have been the victim of a lazy postal person who has not left a note for you to collect your parcel, you may wish to get in touch with your local/national delivery service and seek compensation or at least lodge a formal complaint to ensure that the service can be improved in the future.

Italy/Serbia/Czech Republic: Orders sent to Italy are automatically charged for tracked postage due to the terrible postal service and loss incidence in this country. **

Russian Federation: Unfortunately there are lots of restrictions on postage of goods to the Russian Federation and because of these postage is extremely high for this region and is always sent tracked due to the high loss rate experienced in the past. In most cases we need to send two tracked parcels as Russian customs refuse to accept shipments over a certain weight or value and simply return packages that do not comply. Because we have been charged for returns with no notice we also have to build this into the price. In the case of anybody willing to order from Russia, we will refund any excess postage paid as soon as receipt of package is confirmed to us. We are sorry about this but governmental policies are out of our hands in this case.

India: Unfortunately India has a very difficult customs process and we are not able to send orders that weigh over 2kg. These orders will be sent tracked and broken down into 2kg packages and sent separately.


Coutil and steel are heavy. To give you some idea of weight 3m plain coutil in an envelope weighs just under 2kg. 6m coutil, a few busks and some boning tape, weighs in at just over 4kg. 2kg is the limit for Royal Mail packages therefore, for all bigger orders, I will use a courier. To give you an idea, I can pack a small box with 4-5kg of goodies, and it will cost somewhere in the region of £12 to courier to UK destinations, £30 to courier to Europe/North America and £45 to courier to R.O.W - this works out much cheaper than Royal Mail services (Parcelforce) and is tracked.

If you would like me to estimate your postage charges before ordering, then either place the items you would ike in your shopping basket and the cart will estimate your postage or email me via the Contact Page (especially if the cart looks like it's telling lies!).

See further info about international postage below.


When your parcel leaves Sew Curvy HQ, a dispatch note is sent by email. This signifies that the parcel has been packed and has been taken to the Post Office (orders under 2kg) or is ready to be collected by a courier service (orders over 2kg). After this time it is in the hands of the carrier and subsequently, in the case of overseas orders, the postal service of whatever the destination country is.

Sew Curvy has no control over how long parcels sent by Royal Mail take to reach their destination. Usually within the UK, 1st class mail takes 1 or 2 days while Airmail to Europe and the rest of the world can take up to 10 days and longer for the USA. Customs can hold up parcels by a week or longer.

The customer is responsible for all customs duties, fees and/or taxes accrued when shipping outside the UK. Customs forms will be filled out with correct retail value and with an accurate description of the items bought. If you do not select tracked postage at checkout, your order will not be sent by a tracked service. Please note, that not all countries offer a tracking service. Orders over 2kg will be sent by courier (usually UPS or DPD).

For more information on payment and security, please check the Terms and Conditions.

*footnotes:  if we are not informed of missing deliveries within 7 days of the expected delivery expiry dates (ie after 28 days and before 35 days after postage date)  we are unable to replace or refund.