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Corset Making Tutorials

 Click on the links below for easy corset making tips on how to ...
rosiered bikini

Using knicker elastic

A few different uses for knicker elastic and how to manage it.

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Custom Dye your Corset Laces

How to dye your Sew Curvy laces to match your corset using Dylon dyes

Cutting spiral boning

How to use spiral boning

How to effortlessly deal with spiral wire boning.  It's easy peasy to cut when you know how.

trace a corset pattern  

Trace and mark a corset pattern

Instructions on how to accurately trace and mark a corset pattern first onto paper in order to preserve your master pattern, and then onto fabric.

corset mock up

Make and fit a corset mock up

Information on why and how to make a corset mock up before you start work on your final garment.  Includes essential fitting notes.

corset busk

How to insert the busk fastner into a corset

The busk is often what puts people off making a corset.  Find out how easy it is to insert a busk here.

sewing boning channels

 Sew neat boning channels with tape

People often wonder how to sew straight boning channels which look great on the outside of the corset.  Here's one easy way to ensure perfectly straight stitching.

How to bind a corset

 Bind a corset

How to give your corset a neat and professional finish with binding.

guide to making a corset

 A quick pictorial guide to building a corset

A very quick guide to corset construction from beginning to end.  You can see that it's not really a daunting project, all you need is patience.

Understanding corset patterns

 Understanding corset patterns

It is easier to make corsets when you understand how they relate to the body.  Here is a little guide on which books you can read to find out further information, and why you should read them.

image given with kind permission of Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed.

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Lacing a Corset Properly
Using Fashion Fabric for Corsetry
Flossing a Corset
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